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Golf Packages

As an official partner with Florida's First Coast of Golf, we offer assistance with your hotel and golf package and other services such as transportation, airport "meet & greet", discount ticket packages, tour programs, award ceremonies, etc. 904-827-1845

What is most important to you? the most challenging golf courses, a good mix of different courses, proximity to night life, access to the beach. or to be in walking distance to attractions? Call us to match your priorities with the perfect golf package. 904-827-1845

Group discount ticket packages are available for historic attractions, sightseeing river cruises, dinner theatre, gaming, and the symphony.

South Hampton $69

Slammer & Squire $79

Cimarrone $62

Bent Creek $48

30 Golf Courses and 20 Accommodations to choose from
Expert Assistance and Reservations: 904-827-1845

We offer something for everyone including pristine
beaches, nature trails, sports, fishing, museums,
gaming, and family attractions.

For a complete listing of golf courses and hotels go to:


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